Miami International Airport

20th Street Terminal Gallery

National and Pan Am propliners at a pristine 20th Street Terminal.

A 1959 evening view of a brand new 20th Street Terminal.  Construction on the hotel is clearly in progress.

A November 1959 shot featuring a new MIA Hotel, construction bridge and elevator.

A 1960 aerial view featuring the Miami International Airport Hotel, Eastern and Pan Am airliners.

A 1962 bird's-eye view of the 20th Street Terminal.  Note the expanded parking deck, Eastern and National Airlines Douglas DC-8s.

A blissfully quiet 1962 morning at MIA's 20th Street Terminal.  

A 1963 pilot's view depicting the MiMo 20th Street Terminal and three Douglas DC-8s.

A Miami International Airport Hotel issued postcard from the late 1960s. 

A 1977 shot of the Miami International Airport Hotel.  Note the landscaped area carved out of the parking deck.

An Eastern Boeing 727 is readied for its next flight (during the mid 1980s) at the Int'l Satellite Terminal.

An evocative late-1980s view of Pan Am's busy Concourse F hub.  Note the Airbus A-310 and Boeing 727s.

Miami International Airport 1959-1980